About Jeremy

It all started with Jeremy's love for washing cars as a young boy. He was always washing cars, trucks, and semi-trucks for his older brothers, just to drive them. The harder he worked at washing them, the better they looked, and the more he learned. Eventually, when he turned 17 his father purchased him a car, a 1988 Chevrolet Beretta. This car was black, dull, and only shined when it was wet. Jeremy was blessed to have a car, so he did keep it clean. After going through many different over-the-counter products, he learned what worked and what didn't work on his car. He eventually made his Beretta look better, working with what he had. He can remember driving to empty parking lots just to inspect his work. He would even ride by store front windows just to see the car's distinct reflection as he drove by.


As years passed, Jeremy began to educate himself on the detailing process. That was when he realized the many levels to this art. As his passion grew, he started digging deeper and gained more knowledge on total car care, professional products, and the correct tools for various detailing processes. Jeremy devoted time to details and distinction, and having come from a family of entrepreneurs that taught him how to appreciate the value of building good working relationships and the importance of superior customer service, his passion for excellence started to shine through in his work. It was at this milestone that he decided to make detailing cars his part-time job. Family and friends then became customers. After combining years of knowledge and experience in the world of detailing he decided to make detailing his full-time job, and started Distinguished Mobile Detailing, LLC.